Specialty Items

The Ultimate Question: Can Brio Clean It?

Chances are, yes, we can! Don’t miss an opportunity to clean vintage clothing, outdoor gear, and more!

Silk, Suede, Synthetics, and More!

Don’t be afraid to wear something different! Bring us your rayons, your suedes, and your 80’s leather pants – Brio can clean them safely and thoroughly!

Snowboard, Ski, Bike and Camp Clean

All those 360’s get your GORE-TEX parka sweaty? Our patented equipment gets your outdoor gear super clean without losing the weather-proofing you need.

Express Yourself in Style

If you wear it, Brio can clean it – band uniforms, choir robes, military dress, theater costumes – bring it in and we’ll clean it. Without harmful solvents.


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Looking for More Services?

If you have additional needs, our sister company, Brio Laundry, can help! Experience a clean, comfortable facility with free access to wi-fi, automatic text alerts when your load is finished, and friendly attendants ready to help.

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