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Who Is Brio Cleaners?

First, we knocked the socks off the whole laundromat thing, and now we’re doing it with dry cleaning!

Brio is dedicated to sustainable environmental practices and revitalizing very old, outdated industries. Colleen Unema is the brain and the heart behind Brio. Her background is in education, but several years ago she had a vision about starting a laundromat that was different from your regular dirty, dingy, not-very-pleasant laundry experience.

The resulting laundromat, Brio Laundry, was so successful that it inspired Colleen to practice the same environmental and economic sustainability in dry cleaning. With her typical energy, she threw herself into this idea, researching eco-friendly dry cleaning machines and solvents, energy use, customer satisfaction and market trends, and community needs. The resulting company, Brio Cleaners, has fast begun to model a new kind of dry cleaning experience.

As people are embracing a more sustainable and responsible lifestyle, Colleen’s focus on saving money and resources through thoughtful use of technology and efficient design has resonated with both her clients and her peers in the business community. Colleen takes her philosophy of sustainability seriously. In fact, by partnering with third-party agencies, Brio Cleaners helped remove 70 tons of contaminated soil from the site. Additionally, Colleen speaks frequently at industry conferences, sharing her expertise in sustainable business models, team building, entrepreneurship, and brand development.

  • People.
  • Planet.
  • Profit.
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Three Pillars of Truth

Our philosophy is based on three truths that we believe are critical to living in a better world.

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People Come First

This goes beyond treating customers right. We give back to our community and create growth opportunities for our staff. Why not make the world a happier place?

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Sustainable Practices Matter

Whether it’s detergent, equipment, time, or staffing, we seek to employ sustainable and economical practices that fuel long-term growth and success.

There’s a Cost for Care

If we are taking care of business, we are taking care of you. That’s why we reinvest profits into growing. The more we can do, the more we can do for you and the environment.

Why We Do
What We Do

We launched Brio Cleaners in the natural progression of Brio’s innovative, eco-friendly services. Brio Cleaners provides the same environmental stewardship to dry cleaning by replacing toxic chemicals with water, steam, and soap. Every step of our wet cleaning process meets your garments’ unique cleaning needs with compliance to industry standards. Our one-stop facility offers the high-quality service and comfort you can always expect from Brio, and our website provides in-depth guides on what we do.

Our Principles

  • Time Is Precious: New state-of-art technology allows us to dry clean faster (and better) than ever before. Instead of spending a whole day doing one load after another, it is now possible to do it all in less than 60 minutes.
  • Be Environmentally Responsible: The old approach of using toxic solvents is simply not sustainable–or justifiable when better options exist. We use a specialized wet cleaning process as well as sustainable practices and materials in everything we do. We offer for purchase a variety of natural and specialty cleaners that treat your clothes gently and effectively.
  • Make Dry Cleaning Pleasant: It’s got to be done, but it doesn’t have to be a major chore. Why not provide a clean, safe environment with easy access to shops and parking? With helpful attendants and a host of options, you will experience a better overall experience from start to finish.
  • Provide Real and Lasting Value: Properly dry cleaned clothing looks better and lasts longer. And we employ state-of-the-art techniques using cutting-edge technology to eliminate harmful chemicals to ensure your professional garments continue looking, well, professional!