Care You Can Trust

Ensure your garments are in the most capable, professional hands with our dry cleaning services.

With exceptional attention to detail, your garments will receive superior care and cleaning that includes personal inspection, detailing, stain removal, button replacement, and a specialized cleaning process that is environmentally friendly and avoids toxic chemicals. In fact, it’s so safe, we can drink our solvent.

Come experience Bellingham’s new kind of dry cleaning with the same level of service you will only find with the Brio name.

Dry Cleaning Services

We take exceptional pride in ensuring your satisfaction. This begins with a deep knowledge of fabrics and understanding how to revitalize your professional garments, linens, and other items. We then apply a higher level of service, taking the extra step to remove buttons on certain garments before cleaning (if they are at risk of damage) or replacing any that have gone missing.

It’s the Brio way.

Dependable Service

Clients, conferences, competition — regardless of the industry, a well-appointed presentation can often be a factor in whether you secure business. And we want you looking your best, which is why we offer a full suite of executive laundry services.

Executive Laundry >>

Clean for Your Care

What goes next to your skin matters. You put thought into your everyday washing, so why wouldn’t you do the same for your special occasion clothes? Brio Cleaners will leave your formal wear as soft, clean, and fresh as your favorite t-shirt.

Formal & Design Wear >>

Home, Health & Hearth

While our clothing care services are our most popular, many of our customers return with specialty home items such as tablecloths, draperies, bed linens, and more. If it’s fabric, we clean it!

All Specialty Items >>


A Sustainable, Safe Alternative

Here’s the real gist: dry cleaning isn’t dry, or clean. Which is why Brio Cleaners uses only pure water, steam, and gentle soaps to clean your delicate clothing. It’s called “wet cleaning,” and it’s safe for nearly all “dry clean only” fabrics. So when in Whatcom County, think local and discover a new, safer clean for you, your family, and the environment.

One Stop Only

At Brio Cleaners, we want to be more than your trusted dry cleaner. We want to help with all of your garment needs. Need tailoring? We can assist you. Need pickup and delivery? Try our Brio To Go Drop & Dash service. Have a question? Check out our FAQs or check out our glossary that will help demystify the jargon and keep you informed. And if you want to see the latest tips and advice we have, simply follow us on Facebook.

Why? Because when it comes to clothing, we have you covered.

Our Location

We’re right on James Street in Bellingham in the Sunnyland Neighborhood, just a couple of blocks’ short walk from Brio Laundry. You’ll find us nestled between some great neighbors: Avenue Bread, Lucky Panda, and Off The Top Studio.

The Sunnyland neighborhood is home to single and multi-family dwellings, many fine retail & restaurant outlets, and even light industrial areas. It’s a neighborhood of diversity, community involvement, and growth, and Brio Cleaners is proud to bring our Safe & Clean philosophy to this vibrant corner of Bellingham.

Four icons representing the businesses at the corner Carolina Street and James Street, as labeled in the graphic. The icons show bread, a fork and knife, scissors, and the Brio Cleaners logo: a circular suit with a bowtie.