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Professional Garment Care that Makes a Difference

There are enough risks. Why make dry cleaning one of them? Our specialized process is safe for nearly all “dry clean only” fabrics. And instead of using a cancer-causing solvent like PERC (perchloroethylene or tetrachloroethylene), our solvent is one you know and likely already love: water.

That’s right. Sometimes called “wet cleaning,” we use water as a natural solvent, which is safer for you, your family, and the environment.

Innovative and Sustainable

In 2013, our sister company, Brio Laundry, launched and redefined the laundry experience: high-efficiency washers, environmentally safer products, a welcoming environment, and superior service. In no time, we saw a clear need to do the same for local dry cleaning services.

So we set our minds to it and purchased a pre-existing dry cleaner. After extensive renovation and 70+ tons of toxic soil removed, we are now redefining the dry cleaning experience. It begins with innovative professional garment care — and it ends with a sustainable process where water is the solvent.

We’ve been featured in Business Pulse, Peak Sustainability, and Planet Laundry. For more education on green dry cleaning, see our Advice & Tips, Knowledge & Advice, Glossary, and FAQs pages.

Come see it for yourself.

Convenience Meets Conservation

Brio Cleaners’ easy drop-off and pick-up system, plus the ability to pay by phone, means you can access high-quality, eco-friendly wet-cleaning, without sacrificing your precious time.

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Clean for Things You Care About

What goes next to your skin matters. You put thought into your everyday washing, so why wouldn’t you do the same for your special occasion clothes? Brio Cleaners will leave your formal wear as soft, clean, and fresh as your favorite t-shirt, witho...

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Home, Health & Hearth

While our clothing care services are our most popular, many of our customers return with specialty home items such as tablecloths, draperies, bed linens, and more. If it’s fabric, we clean it!

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The pricing below has been accurately provided to the best of our ability. Certain items may require further examination for an exact cost. For example, the price is subject to change based on special materials (i.e velvet), leather/fur trimmings, sequins/delicate accessories, pleats, staining, and age of the item. There may be additional charges as we take special care to perform more complex cleaning. Pickup and delivery is FREE with Brio to Go.

Of course, we will endeavor to inform you of any change in pricing.

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Button down shirts, blouses and tunics $4-11
Vests, jackets, blazers and suit coats $10-20
Skirts, Pants, Kilts, Shorts $6-20
Bedding: Duvets, Down Comforters, Sheet Sets and Pillows $20-25
Tablecloths and napkins $1.75-20
Your ‘amazing wedding dress’ *$150+
*depends if you walked around barefoot in the grass!